Earth's Flame

Better Air Quality

Less smoke in the home means better air quality

By replacing standard cast iron grates to this new stainless steel system there is less smoke going into the homes. Save on Health care costing with health risks associated with inhaling wood smoke.

This is the ONLY retrofit with proven test results of a 60% reduction in the Carbon Monoxide and increase in the fireplace draft by 76%. Wood smoke can be a significant source of fine particulate matter pollution, plus it contains toxic air contaminants. Health studies link fine particulate matter to serious health problems including decreased lung function, aggravated asthma, irregular heartbeat and premature death. Vulnerable groups include people with existing heart and lung disease, the young and the elderly. Protect your family, neighbors and community  from wood smoke and decrease the Health risks.

Backspillage of CO and “Ash-Like” Odor Reduced at End of Burn

Comparison of Carbon Monoxide (CO) spillage and chimney draft over the entire test and last hour of the burn

Characteristic Earth's Flame Factory Grate Percent Change from Factory Grate
Average CO concentration over the entire test (PPM) 0.61 1.51 -60%
Average CO concentration over the last hour of the burn (PPM) 0.23 1.61 -86%
Average Chimney Draft over the Entire Test (IN WC) 0.081 0.046 +76%
Average Chimney Draft over the last hour of the burn (IN WC) 0.060 0.010 +500%
(-) Indicates a Reduction, (+) Indicates an Increase

Make Sure it Fits

Earth's Flame is designed to fit most 36"-42" fireplaces. Download our Sizing Guide to ensure Earth's Flame will fit inside your prefab or masonry fireplace.

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Installation & Operation Instructions

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