Earth's Flame

Earth’s Flame Benefits

Lower your emissions, save on energy, and more!

Receive the Cleanest Burning Retrofit in the Open Hearth Industry.

Did you know there are 38 million wood-burning fireplaces across the United States? Every year, 70,000 tons of harmful pollutants are emitted from fireplaces. With the Earth Flame installed in your fireplace, you end up reducing emissions up to 78%! That’s 7.2 tons of fireplace particulate emissions that could be eliminated for every 1,000 fireplaces using Earth’s Flame.

By lowering emissions, you also create a healthier atmosphere in your living room. The air you breathe will be clearner, reducing the health risks associated from inhaling wood fire smoke in traditional fireplaces.

Save on Energy. Save on Energy Bills.

When Earth’s Flame is installed, there will be a 3.4 million Btu savings in fossil fuel (gas) per year., promoting the use of renewable (wood) and carbon neutral fuel source.

The operating cost of natural gas using the Earth’s Flame is only $0.31 per hour!

Create a Warmer Environment.

Earth’s Flame has a unique design where you’ll be able to double the radiant heat from your fireplace. This allows you to feel the warmth from your fire and enjoy your fireplace that much more!

Make Sure it Fits

Earth's Flame is designed to fit most 36"-42" fireplaces. Download our Sizing Guide to ensure Earth's Flame will fit inside your prefab or masonry fireplace.

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Installation & Operation Instructions

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