Earth's Flame

More Radiant Heat

Increase the heat in your living room up to 115%

Through various tests, it is clear that you’ll receive more radiant heat output with the Earth’s Flame grate than you would with either a standard cordwood fire or a gas log set.

EPA Proven Test Data

Earth’s Flame, with gas increases radiant heat up to 115% from a 2 foot distance from the fireplace. At 4 feet there is an increase of 58% and 6 feet 53% increase in radiant heat.  If there is no gas in the fireplace, then there is 40% more radiant heat than a standard cast iron grate.

Radiant heat output is greater from the Earth’s Flame grate than either a standard cordwood fire or a gas log set.

Radiant Heat Line Graph

Radiant Heat – the sensation of warmth from infrared Radiation

Comparison of maximum and average radiant heat (rise above room temperature in F°)

Distance from Fireplace Parameter Earth's Flame Factory Gate % Increase from Factory Grate
2 ft. Maximum 188 99 90%
2 ft. Average 129 60 115%
4 ft. Maximum 85 63 30%
4 ft. Average 55 35 58%
6 ft. Maximum 30 21 43%
6 ft. Average 19 13 53%

Save Money on Heating Bills!

By using your fireplace for reliable heat, you can save money on your heating bills. If your fireplace has gas then there will be 20 times more radiant heat than a wax fire log,  and 5 times more heat than a gas log set. This is the SOLUTION to heat homes, even if the power goes out. Firewood is one of the number one heating sources, especially with escalating utility costs of heating homes.

Save money and ensure your families are warm by enhancing the benefits of your wood burning fireplaces with the Earth’s Flame.

Characteristic/Specifications Earth's Flame Grate Traditional Gas Firelog Set
Gas Consumption 26,000 Btu/h 62,380 Bth/h*
Typical Gas Fireplace Fire Duration ("gas on time") 2.6 hours
Gas Energy Consumed per Fire (Btu/h x 2.6h) 67,600 Btu/Fire 162,188 Btu/Fire
Fossil Fuel (Gas) Savings per Fire (162,188 – 67,600) 94,588 Btu/Fire
Average Number of Gas Fireplace Fire per Year 36 fires/year
Average Fossil Fuel (Gas) Savings per year (94,588 Btu/Fire x 36 Fires/Year) 3.41 Million Btu per Year
* Average of 80 models listed by the 14 key manufacturers
Reliable Heat with Earth's Flame

Get Reliable Heat!

Get reliable HEAT from your wood-burning fireplace with this new technology!

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Make Sure it Fits

Earth's Flame is designed to fit most 36"-42" fireplaces. Download our Sizing Guide to ensure Earth's Flame will fit inside your prefab or masonry fireplace.

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